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Point Lobos Revisited on


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Sentenals on Guard.jpg

Sentinels On Guard

Guardians watching over the shoreline.

Just Over The Hill.jpg

Just Beyond The Crest

While the storm looms menacingly, the seas are calm among the rocks.

Reaching The Sea

Like fingers extending their reach, the land clasps the sea in its embrace.

Reaching To The Sea.jpg
Along The Central Coast.jpg

Along The Central Coast

The expanse of beauty along the Central Coast is a feast for the hungry soul.

Study In Clouds

I appreciate when the weather seems moody as it invites my mind to quiet down and rest.

Study In Clouds.jpg
Morro Mist.jpg

Morro Mist

The blue-grey light of Morro Bay holds me in a soft embrace.

Bixby Creek Bridge

I am reminded of the insignificance of human problems when I witness the vastness & longevity of nature in juxtipositon to human creation.

Bixby Creek Bridge.jpg
Big Sur Cloud.jpg
Big Sur Cloud.jpg

Big Sur Cloud Symphony

Cooling rains green up the coast along Big Sur.

Orchard By The Sea.jpg
Orchard By The Sea

The ocean mist nourishes seedlings which, in turn, nourish us.

Beach At San Simeon

Rays of light peek from the clouds to send sparkles dancing across the waves.


Beach at San Simeon.jpg
Alight & Arise.jpg

Alight & Arise

A study of light & shadow as the sun eases across the massive rock and green below.

Wide Sandy Stretch

Some beaches seem to invite long walks and sand to nestle between my toes.

Wide Sandy Stretch.jpg
Cypress Stand in Monterey.jpg
Cypress Stand In Monterey

Majestic cypresses witness the changing tides of time.

South of Point Lobos

The misty air of this point brings quietness to my soul. It is a special place where I breathe in and out fully.


Down in Monterey

While living in Pacific Grove, I would often visit this location to refresh my creative spirit. 

Three Sisters

Carved out through years of lapping waves the whispered secrets and shared dreams, the Three Sisters gaze across the mighty horizon of the Pacific Coast together.



I sit back in repose, gathering my strength for that which is to come.


A Break in the Weather

 I awaken refreshed after a storm to find my cobwebs cleared.

Light Ascending

The light returns to my heart following a night of deep thought.


Arriving At The Point

At the journey's end, I arrive, at last.

Reflective Mood

I find myself sifting through the many memories that come to mind to cherish the gems and discard the rest.

Fog At Low Tide

As the waters recede to their liquid bed, fog creeps in to shroud my head.


Reflections At Low Tide

The same such waters that raged against these monoliths, lap lazily at their feet today.

Crashing Forth

Surging forth, the waves rise up to meet the misty sky.




My sail is taut and full as I dip inside the crescent shore.


Among the oldest continuously inhabited cities, Samarkand stands strong against the shifting sands of time.



The chilling wind cools my fevered brow.


The few who dare to venture the winding road to Harmony.


The Tea Maker

He sits in daily meditation witnessing the cascade of golden liquid pouring from the tenderly heated pot to the waiting cup.



Iao Valley

I remain stalwart in my truth as others fight to possess and define me.


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