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Paint with Passion

Only $29.95 For a Limited Time

Exclusive Watercolor Video Lessons for All Levels

With Woody Benton

The Freedom Of Watercolors

In this video Woody goes beyond painting; it's a masterclass in creating atmosphere and depth, turning a blank canvas into a misty, inviting shoreline. Learn how to mix colors for maximum impact and use tools innovatively to add texture and realism. This concise journey with Woody Benton is your key to unlocking the beauty and spontaneity of watercolor seascapes, making each piece a stunning narrative of light, color, and motion.


The Freedom Of WaterColor.jpg


Millie M.

I love your artwork., the different tonal work is dramatic. Makes for a beautiful piece.

Mike G.

Woody Benton is an incredible artist, and his workshop is well worth the effort. His paintings have a unique beauty and atmosphere that is both seemingly simple but is also elusive to duplicate. Woody leads you through each painting, 16 total, in a way that is very instructive of his unusual style and his ideas. There are many subtle nuances to his paintings, and surprises as well, but his videos are effective at showing how to learn his unique style.  Watercolors have a kind of magic to them, and Woody is a master magician willing to share his secrets.

Kathryn L.

Woody is an incredible teacher! Breakin down the complex and making it easy to understand and apply!
Dreaming of Hawaii.jpg

Dreaming of Hawaii

Master the art of watercolor with Woody Benton as he transforms your approach to painting landscapes. Play with light and shadow for luminosity, and mix colors to capture the essence of nature. Woody guides you through simplifying complex scenes into captivating compositions, emphasizing the joy in the process. Elevate your watercolor skills with techniques that bring landscapes to life, all under the masterful guidance of Woody Benton.


Mirroring Your Work

Discover the art of watercolor seascape painting with Woody Benton. Learn to mix and apply vibrant colors like cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cadmium red, and quinacridone magenta to create stunning skies and clouds. Woody masterfully guides you on balancing colors, creating depth with shadows, and using larger brushes for precise control to elevate your painting skills. Finish your masterpiece by refining the composition and values with a unique mirror technique. Embark on this creative journey with Woody Benton and bring your watercolor seascapes to life.


Mirroring Your Work.jpg

A Distant Shore

Woody guides you through painting captivating skies and realistic clouds emphasizing the importance of light and shadow for depth. Learn to mix warm and cool tones for a vibrant landscape, achieving harmony and dynamism in your artwork. With Woody's expert instruction, elevate your watercolor skills to create stunning, emotionally resonant seascapes that truly captivate.


Creating Distance

Dive into the world of watercolor with Woody Benton and discover the art of creating depth and space on your canvas. Join Woody for a captivating demonstration through the simplicity of capturing distant lands, serene inlets, and rugged rocks, all while mastering the illusion of spatial distance. Learn to use light washes and values to bring a sense of vastness to your artwork, transforming your approach to painting. Don't miss this chance to elevate your watercolor skills and infuse your landscapes with life and depth.


Creating Distance.jpg
Using Gouache.jpg

Using Gouache

Elevate your watercolor artistry with Woody Benton's transformative technique: softening dark areas with just a touch of opaque paint. Discover how carefully opaques can dramatically enhance depth and the illusion of light, creating a compelling sense of realism. This approach not only brings your scenes to life with soft edges and vibrant colors but also simplifies mastering complex effects. Join Woody to refine your skills under the guidance of a master and give your artwork the depth and emotion it deserves.


California Impressions

Through the guidance of master artist, Woody Benton, transform your approach to watercolor by learning to create paintings that resonate with genuine artistic expression. 
Woody shares his journey through the pitfalls of relying too heavily on photographs or direct copies when creating original art. Woody will teach you methods that can move your own work from stiff and inauthentic to capturing the essence of watercolor mastery. Woody champions developing your own unique ability.


California Impressions.jpg
The Joy Of It All.jpg

The Joy Of It All

Step into the tranquil world of watercolor with Woody Benton, who believes the essence of mastering this art form lies in the power of relaxation. As someone who has navigated the challenges of anxiety, Woody understands the importance of letting go and allowing the creative process to unfold naturally. He encourages artists to embrace calmness, letting the brush flow freely without the urge to overcorrect or stress over the minor details. With Woody's guidance, learn to let the paper work its magic, absorbing the paint in unexpected and beautiful ways. This approach not only soothes the mind but also opens up a realm of artistic possibilities, proving that sometimes, the best creations come from simply letting go. Join Woody Benton and discover how to transform your watercolor practice into a meditative journey, resulting in art that is as serene as the process itself.


In The Rocks

Join Master Watercolor Artist Woody Benton and unlock the secrets of captivating watercolor artistry! Woody's expert techniques will guide you through creating stunning pieces, effortlessly blending vibrant colors, light, and textures. Learn to master the nuances of shadow and light that breathe life into your artwork. Perfect for artists at any level, Woody Benton's approach will inspire you to explore the boundless possibilities of watercolor. Start your journey today and transform your creative vision into an exquisite reality with Woody Benton.


In The Rocks.jpg
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